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Regaia SA was founded in 2020 and since then it has been actively involved in the implementation of a broad variety of public and private projects of considerable budget and complex know-how, such as the construction of Metro and Highway networks, of high – quality hotels, cultural centers, resorts, dams, harbors, industrial facilities, and other.

The company with an already presence in the supply of mineral material and transportation in infrastructure and construction projects is a significant criterion to the further development of Regaia SA.

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We process and trade minerals worldwide.
WELCOME TO Regaia SA GROUND SOIL FIX Regaia SA supplies ground soil fix to companies & municipalities, in application of outdoor. WELCOME TO Regaia SA TRANSPORTATION SERVICES


Our aim is to expand into new markets with strong local partners.


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Going beyond what is expected. Adding value and integrity to every interaction.

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What We Do

Processing and Packaging Minerals | Know-How Implementation Of Building, Infrastructure and Green Projects | Ship Chartering | Transportation | Recycling.

We are a global market leader providing mineral products and services that make projects like roadworks, hotels, energy, landscape, railways, stadiums, playgrounds, ports, waste water more productive and profitable.

Leasing tipper trucks and fleet chartering for maritime transportation, Processing plant recovery and project development, Services for packing bulk materials and fason in production for processing mineral and industrial materials – residues, We provide an alternative management system AEKK.

How we do it

  • Skilled personnel
  • Well equipped with machinery
  • Rapid and effective implementation

We provide Products

Regaia provides a wide range of mineral products to our customers including silica sand, river sand, pebble, pumice, zeolite, ceramic lite, red clay, aggregates, soil mix, pozzolane, de-icing salt, garden soil, sand soil and clay soil.

We provide Services

Our commitment to service is as unrivalled as our global network. We have become industry leaders by working closely with customers and using our expertise to make you more efficient.


Million euro in 2019


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Thousands tons sold in 2019


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Our mission is to set competitive prices, inspire confidence, and optimize our services to benefit the partners and our customers. We are committed to excellence, leadership and an ongoing passion for innovation. Our values have been shaped and polished over the past 10 years and counting.
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International presence

Our aim is to expand into new countries/markets with strong local partners.

Optimized services

We provide high quality services to the customer


Building and maintaining a strong and healthy customer relationship with all of our customers and partners.

Our Partners


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